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Ryan & Sara, Waiting Family –

Ryan & Sara

Ryan and Sara have been married for 4 years and have no children.

Birthmom Letter

Greetings to you! We’re Ryan and Sara. First off, we want to say thank you for having the courage to carry this life in you and also to consider sharing the gift of that life with another family. We know that every life is precious, and the little one in you will be a gift whether he/she comes to us or to another family. We can only imagine how difficult this decision and process is for you, but we trust that Jesus has good plans both for you and for the baby/babies inside you. We both come from big families and knew we wanted to have children and raise a family. We both knew we were open to adoption before we met, and that desire became a part of our marriage. We really felt strongly that we wanted to be parents and have children whether biologically, through adoption, or both. We began our journey of praying and trying to have kids and along the way, we found out through the fertility process that we actually couldn’t have children ourselves. While that was initially disappointing and unexpected, it was actually an answered prayer. We had asked the Lord to show us how He wanted to grow our family and to give us next steps. Our infertility made it really clear for us to pursue adoption. We really feel called and have a desire to grow our family and provide a loving home for children, and we are truly excited and hopeful to become parents. We know we have been adopted by God into His family, so to us adoption is a beautiful, wonderful gift and a privilege.

As far as our story goes, we met in May of 2014, and as we got to know each other we became best friends. We were engaged in December of 2015, were married in May 2016, and have been married for 4 years. Ryan is 36 and works as a public speaker and musician and does  assemblies in schools across the United States.  He travels part of the time for his job and when he is off the road he works from home. He has a Bachelors in Social Studies Education. I (Sara) am 38 and work as the director of marketing and branding for a company that provides professional development for educators. My job is part-time and online so I get to work entirely from home. I have a Masters in Education. We are both Christians and live out our faith as individuals and in our marriage. Our family core values are relationships, hospitality, stewardship, adventure, and learning.  We believe our purpose is to share the love of God and His good news with others and to live for Him. This gives us great joy and hope in our lives! We are excited to share that love with our children. We’re actively part of our local church community. We’re in a small group, and attend Sunday school. Our church has lots of children and is very family-friendly.

We really enjoy being together and doing activities outside and inside. Some of our outdoor activities include bike rides, hiking, and going on walks around our neighborhood. We also like to go camping and kayaking. Some of our favorite indoor activities include going to our local YMCA, watching movies, cooking together (pizza nights!), or playing board and card games. We both work and volunteer with youth–mainly middle school and high school kids. We spend much of our summer at youth camps and some youth retreats in the winter. As a result, we get the opportunity to do activities such as rock climbing, white water rafting, and skiing. We also regularly enjoy eating ice cream and sharing milkshakes. We like to be playful and have fun! We’re adventurous people and kids at heart. We like to explore new places together or have new experiences like staying overnight in a treehouse. We like to be goofy and make each other laugh. We travel with a game bag wherever we go. We also like to have nerf wars with each other and our friends and their kids! We love people and have many dear and long-term friendships. We like spending time with people and we make a lot of effort to pursue our relationships with family and friends. We also are always looking for opportunities to meet and welcome new people and families into our lives. We are looking forward to the day when we can welcome children into our home! Thank you for reading our story and for considering us as parents for your child.

Ryan & Sara

About Ryan

AGE: 36

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Social Studies Education

OCCUPATION: Musician & Public Speaker

INTERESTS: Ryan enjoys playing music, riding his bike, woodworking projects and watching movies.

About Sara

AGE: 38

EDUCATION: Master’s Degree in Education

OCCUPATION: Director of Marketing & Branding

INTERESTS: Sara enjoys hiking, riding her bike, watching movies and cooking.


“I truly feel that a child or children placed with Ryan and Sara would be blessed greatly and be provided a rich life of love and care.”


“Ryan and Sara have a very genuine and stable relationship, a household full of love, much love to give to others, and a healthy lifestyle. They also fill their lives with positive, safe, and healthy friends.”


“Family is very important to Ryan and Sara, and they have an immense capacity to love and care for children.”