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Need help making an adoption plan for your baby?


Considering growing your family by adopting a child?

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Need help choosing the right family for your baby?
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We have over 15 years of experience building families through adoption.

The Indiana Adoption Program started in 2001 with a call from a family asking if Gateway Woods could complete their home study for an international adoption from Ukraine. Gateway Woods, then already a licensed child-placing agency, began providing adoption home study services. The Adoption Program officially opened with board approval in 2003. Since that time, Gateway Woods Family Services has completed over 600 international and domestic home studies and been involved in the placement of over 400 children domestically and from all over the world. Gateway Woods Family Services collaborates with international placement agencies throughout the United States to place children in homes. Gateway Woods Family Services has helped place children from over 25 different countries with families from Indiana and Illinois. The adoption services were expanded to Illinois in 2014. In 2016, Gateway Woods developed as a service brand for the growing needs of our adoption program. For domestic adoption, Gateway Woods Family Services works with birth parents in the United States to place children in Indiana and Illinois.



“Gateway Woods is A loving Christian based organization as well as all of your adoptive parent options. There is no judgement…it doesn’t change how they look at you no matter what you have done or what you have been through you are loved all the same as well as your child. Gateway Woods has a large variety of beautiful hearted parents awaiting your beautiful child. Adoption through Gateway Woods is a great option.”

Sue (Birth Mother)

“The staff at Gateway Woods has walked with our family through six adoptions – both domestic and international. They have been there to answer questions, give advice, and celebrate joy-filled milestones. Our relationship with Gateway has continued even after our children have arrived home. We know we can turn to them for support at anytime!”

Tonya (Adoptive Parent)

“Almost ten years ago, you came to our aid and pushed a home study through in record time for us to be able to adopt our son, who was born in PA two weeks after we found out about him. We are still so very grateful for the kind, efficient way you helped us out and aided us through the process. We have referred various of our friends to you over the years, because we knew they’d be in good hands if they chose to work with you!”

Judy (Adoptive Parent)

“They think of others before themselves. Very caring. Very goal-oriented. Enjoy the little things. They have built a life around adopting a child since they were dating. This has been their number one goal for so long.”


“They are two of the most caring and loving individuals I know. I think they are going to be the most wonderful parents. They are communicative and nurturing and would be amazing with any child.”


“They are the kind of people that you would trust with your own loved ones.”


Making an adoption plan

Need help making an adoption plan for your baby?


Growing your family

Considering growing your family by adopting a child?


Choosing the right family

Need help choosing the right family for your baby?