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Robert & Meghan, Waiting Family –

Robert & Meghan

Robert and Meghan have been married for 11 years and have two children.

Birthmom Letter

We are hoping to adopt for a third time because we have a lot of love to share! We already have two wonderful adopted children and we would like to grow our family. Our daughter and son would love to have another sibling, too. We also have a large extended family filled with kind-hearted people who support our plans to adopt again.

Rob is a Catholic elementary school principal, and Meghan is a middle school art teacher. We each have Master’s degrees and are firm believers in the importance of quality education. We are a practicing Catholic family, and we’re involved in many church activities and ministries. Being a follower of Christ is a great way to live, and we’re teaching our children about Jesus as they grow. Our daughter, Winona, is a bright and energetic child. She’s creative and spunky, and she loves her little brother. Our son, Walter, is a kind-hearted soul who likes to jump, swing, and ride his tricycle. Both of our children are adopted, and we stay in contact with their birth families as much as possible.

If your child is placed in our home, we would love to stay in touch with you! We commend you for considering adoption because it takes great courage to place your child in an adoptive home. We hope that our dreams of providing a safe and stable childhood will match the dreams that you have for your baby.

Robert & Meghan

About Robert

AGE: 42

EDUCATION: Master’s Degree in Education

OCCUPATION: Principal at a Catholic Elementary School

INTERESTS: Robert enjoys wrestling with our kids, baseball, bird watching and landscaping.

About Meghan

AGE: 41

EDUCATION: Master’s Degree in Education

OCCUPATION: Art Teacher at Public Middle School

INTERESTS: Meghan enjoys art projects with our kids, reading and home improvement.


“Any child would indeed be blessed to have Robert and Meghan as their parents. They would be well cared for!”


“They have so much love to offer to others. They work hard for their family and they are excellent role models of genuine care and servitude. … Meghan and Rob are truly the greatest parents a child could wish for.”


“The applicants are in their early 40’s, which to some may seem older to raise young children, but I have seen them with two young children and they are capable and willing! Rob is playful, yet strong. Meghan is gentle and creative and a doting mother. They truly make a great parenting team and they (and us – their extended family) hope and pray for any child out there that may become a part of our family someday.”