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Nick & Amber, Waiting Family –

Nick & Amber

Nick and Amber have been married for 5 years and currently have no children.

Birthmom Letter

Thank you for taking the time to look through our profile! This can’t be an easy experience, but we hope you feel a peace as you make this difficult decision for your baby and for your future. As you consider your decision, we just pray you’d feel God’s love and peace. We certainly applaud your courage and bravery right now. 

We are Nick and Amber, originally from Indiana. Nick is a kind, generous and thoughtful man, full of intellect and great at listening and supporting people. Amber is a passionate champion for the underdog and strives to make everyday life beautiful. We’ve been married for five years and have a wonderful and supportive marriage. We’re blessed with amazing families and stay connected to them regularly. We’re also deeply committed Christians who want to raise children with the same stability, love, peace and hope we have found through our faith.

Recently, we moved to a coastal city on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea where we live and work. We typically travel back to Indiana once a year. This allows us to enjoy time with our tight-knit family and friends while still continuing our life-giving work abroad. We believe this can be an amazing place for a child to grow up bi-lingual, with the chance to explore the world. We hope it can help them become well-rounded, healthy, God-honoring individuals.

Nick & Amber

About Nick

AGE: 38

EDUCATION: Undergrad in Chemistry, Masters in Human Physiology, Masters in Pastoral Counseling and Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

OCCUPATION: Pastoral & Clinical Counselor

INTERESTS: Nick enjoys theology, good discussions, traveling and learning something new.

About Amber

AGE: 32

EDUCATION: Associates Degree Visual Communication & Design

OCCUPATION: Graphic Designer

INTERESTS: Amber enjoys reading, painting, traveling, yoga, personality typing and a good conversation over coffee.


“Both come from strong families that modeled parenting very well.”


“I’ve watched them interact with their 5 nieces. They are involved and engaged in these relationships. They look for opportunities to spend time together and to impact them by being positive role models. … Both Nick and Amber have many personal qualities that will equip them to be excellent parents!”


“They are responsible, caring, loving family to children in their extended family, and are well grounded in their faith.”