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Nate & Erica, Waiting Family –

Nate & Erica

Nate and Erica have been married for 12 years and currently have one child.

Birthmom Letter

Hello! We are Nate & Erica from rural, Northern Indiana. You may be reading our profile because you are looking for a loving, adoptive family for your baby. We want you to know we are passionate about adopting. Our hearts are hopeful for the day when we will get to bring a little one home to love on for the rest of our lives. To us, a family isn’t just built because of biology; it’s built on love and commitment.

Adoption comes with many emotions and raw, tender feelings. We are devoted to providing you with as much or as little communication and support as you desire or need. We hope knowing this will give you even the smallest bit of peace in the midst of navigating your adoption journey.

We are a family of three, but getting to where we are today wasn’t easy. In 2010 we began seeking fertility treatments, as we were having a difficult time becoming pregnant. With many prayers and a few treatments, we conceived our son, (Noah), in 2011. He was born in late 2011 and is the joy of our lives. When we decided to try again in 2013, the fertility treatments no longer worked. After 10 months of trying, we began to pray for another solution. Everything fell into place as we were referred to Gateway Woods for their adoption services.

Nate is an incredible dad and talented musician. In his professional life he works as an Application Engineer, (computer programmer). He is also the part time worship pastor at our local church. Erica has an eye for craftiness and loves trying new recipes found on Pinterest. She has a degree in accounting and spent several years working in the field, but most recently has changed careers and is now a full-time stay at home mom, which she thinks is awesome. Noah is a fun and energetic boy who loves trains, drawing, helping in the kitchen, and playing fetch with our dog, Annie.

We would love to tell you more and hear about your story. We hope to hear from you soon.

Nate & Erica

About Nate

AGE: 37

EDUCATION: Master’s Degree in Environmental Science

OCCUPATION: Information Systems Technician

INTERESTS: Nate enjoys cooking, gardening, fishing, playing computer games, and spending time with family.

About Erica

AGE: 31

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

OCCUPATION: Human Resources

INTERESTS: Erica enjoys walking, biking, tending to her flowers, crafting decorations, and trying new recipes.


“This is a great couple. They have a very stable, supportive home. They enjoy parenting. They work hard. They love the Lord.”

Co-worker & Parishoner

“I have seen the loving, protective environment in which they are raising their son, and there is an emptiness in both their hearts because of their desire to extend that love to more children – but they have been unable to have more children.”


“They are loving, devoted parents to their son. They are fantastic with children. They have prayed for another child for a couple of years.”