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Daniel & Michelle, Waiting Family –

Daniel & Michelle

Daniel and Michelle have been married for 5 years and have one adopted daughter.

Birthmom Letter

Hey there! Thank you for considering us as you make a plan for your baby. We admire your courage as you make these tough decisions. For us, adoption is the only way that we are able to grow our family. We are unable to have biological children due to infertility.  We adopted our daughter, Lucy, and it was the absolute best thing we’ve ever done! We love her to pieces and want to give her a sibling to grow up with.

Daniel is a site foreman for an excavating company. Basically, he plays in the dirt for a living! On his free time, he loves to fish. He is definitely a mans-man and loves to be outside or in his shop working on a project. He loves to build things for Lucy, including an outdoor cabin-style play house, and wooden toys.  He loves being a dad to Lucy, she is his little buddy! He looks forward to having another child and hopes to teach them how to fish, bike, go on camping trips, travel, and make fun memories as a family.  Michelle is a stay-at-home mom to Lucy. Michelle loves to cook, take Lucy on walks, take her swimming, and go on play-dates with other moms and their kids. Michelle would love another baby because she loves being a mom and all the responsibilities that come with it. As a family, we enjoy going biking, camping, and traveling to different places. We spend a lot of our weekends  in Michigan at our family’s cabin, where we hike, swim in Lake Michigan, climb the sand dunes, and go off-roading.  Lucy was born in September of 2019 and we adopted her at birth. She is the perfect fit for our little family. She is ornery, funny, sweet, and adds so much joy to our lives. She loves to be around other children and we believe she would love to have a sibling. We are open to any gender and any race. We love diversity and we will make sure that our children learn about their culture and heritage and we will celebrate it!  We are Christians and we want to raise our children in a Christ-like home.

We realize that what you are doing is a huge sacrifice, made out of love. You would be giving us the ultimate gift that we cannot give ourselves. It is so humbling and we have so much respect for you, for even considering making an adoption plan.

Daniel & Michelle

About Daniel

AGE: 36

EDUCATION: High School Degree

OCCUPATION: Site Foreman for Excavating Company

INTERESTS: Daniel enjoys fishing, biking, kayaking, boating, spending time outdoors and traveling.

About Michelle

AGE: 32

EDUCATION: High School Degree

OCCUPATION: Registered Nurse

INTERESTS: Michelle enjoys biking, cooking, making crafts, antiquing, collecting anything with flamingos, roller skating and hula-hooping.


“They have a lot of love, attention and a good home life for a child to be reared in.”


“I sincerely think Daniel & Michelle are more than qualified to adopt. Michelle has 20 times my patience. They are both loving people & I can’t think of anyone else who I would recommend more.​”


“They have so much love to give a child/children. They are fun & adventurous. Never a dull moment. Michelle & Daniel are going to be wonderful parents. They have a ton of love & laughs to share with a child.”