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Brady & Heather, Waiting Family –

Brady & Heather

Brady and Heather have been married for 9 years and have two daughters.

Birthmom Letter

Thank you taking the time to get to know us!  The choice you are faced with now as an expectant mother is beyond our comprehension.  We admire your courage and strength in carrying carry your child, giving them life, and giving them a future filled with hope and love. 

Our home is on a rural farm in central Illinois where we grow row crops and raise cattle. Brady is a joyful dad and a medical helicopter pilot.  Heather is a devoted mom and a part-time attorney.  We are so thankful that at least one of us is almost always able to be at home.  We live a couple miles from family who are glad to watch our children when we both need to be working.  We enjoy traveling to Arizona at least once a year, taking our kids for outdoor adventures, and including them in as much as possible around the farm.

We met in 2008 and married in 2011.  We lost one child to miscarriage and were later blessed with our precious girls.  Evelyn is 6 and excited to begin first grade.  She is a wonderful big sister and cannot wait to have another brother or sister!  She is thoughtful, bright, and happy, and she loves to explore nature and create art.  Marilyn is almost 3 and recently graduated to a “big girl bed” so her future brother or sister can have the nursery.  She is confident, full of humor, and loves to play outside and sing at top volume. 

Faith is our center.  We value the Bible as the instruction manual for our lives and we wrap our children in its words daily.  After trying for a couple years to add another child to our family, we entrusted our struggle to God and have been overwhelmed with the knowledge that adoption is God’s plan to grow our family.  We and our extended families are very excited to welcome a new child into our lives!

We believe love is an action word – a self-denial in favor of someone else.  What you are doing now – giving your child a hope for a better future – is the absolute definition of an act of love.  We pray that we can meet you in your act of love by filling your child’s future with stability, faith, security, and above all – love.  We hold you and your child in our hearts and prayers, and we look forward to meeting you!

Brady & Heather

About Brady

AGE: 46

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Sciences

OCCUPATION: Pilot & Farmer

INTERESTS: Brady enjoys doing yard work, farming, and getting up early to walk.

About Heather

AGE: 37

EDUCATION: Juris Doctorate Degree

OCCUPATION: Part Time Attorney

INTERESTS: Heather likes to run, ride a stationary bike, work in the garden, and study her bible.


“The greatest strength of Brady and Heather is that they show selfless love by opening up their home and lives to care for, love, and nourish a child or children in need.”


“Brady and Heather are extremely responsible, hard-working, and reliable people with high levels of integrity and conscientiousness. They are an “unflappable” couple with a positive outlook on nearly all life situations. Their deep personal faith in God carries them through.”


“Heather and Brady are honest, hard-working, generous, kind, and very willing to help others in need. They would be able to offer a home with love, security, and stability to any child.”