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Blake & Lyndsay

Blake and Lyndsay have been married 1.5 years and currently have no children.

Birthmom Letter

We are Blake and Lyndsay from Central Illinois. We met in September 2016, and fell for one another immediately. Blake works for the United States Postal Service and Lyndsay teaches 2nd grade. Blake describes Lyndsay as “ loving and selfless.” Lyndsay says Blake is “loyal and committed.” We strive to have love and respect in our relationship each day, as well as a bit of fun! We desire nothing more than to grow our family and become parents!

Lyndsay has seen the joys of adoption first-hand; her sister, Kelsey, was adopted in 1990. She considers this to be one of the greatest blessings in her life. When we began dating, we quickly agreed adoption was something we desired for our future family, no matter what. Since getting married, we have also experienced difficulty with fertility. This has only ignited our passion for adoption.

Faith and family are very important to us. Most of our family live in the area and we see each other frequently. They have taught us many values, including: love, forgiveness, gratitude, honesty, and faithfulness. We hope to pass these values on and live them within our family. For fun, we enjoy going for walks, playing games, and hosting friends. We live in a great neighborhood and can’t wait to raise a family here!

Thank you for choosing life and considering adoption. We see the love you have for your child and would be honored to be his/her adoptive family. We promise to cherish any child with all our heart and to provide a safe, happy home. Know that we are praying for you throughout your pregnancy.  We would love the opportunity to speak with you!

Blake & Lyndsay

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About Blake

AGE: 29

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Business

OCCUPATION: United States Postal Service

INTERESTS: Blake enjoys reading, traveling, learning, and spending time with his wife, friends, and family.

About Lyndsay

AGE: 27

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education & Elementary Education

OCCUPATION: 2nd Grade School Teacher

INTERESTS: Lyndsay enjoys reading, listening to music, watching television, and doing home projects.


“They are honorable, persistent, consistent, virtuous people.  They carry great integrity.”


“Blake and Lyndsay are the most driven, yet welcoming people I know.  It has always been their mission to foster a loving, compassionate, faith-centered community within their family, and among friends.”


“They will love their children and provide for their every need with great care.  They will surround their children with love, faith, joy, learning, family, and friends.”