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Need help choosing the right family for your baby?

Are the adoptive parents the right parents for your child? We evaluate each prospective family including extensive interviews with each family member and visit their home to see where your child will sleep, play and grow. We gather four references along with background checks, including criminal background and child abuse/neglect checks. We require a physician’s report of the adoptive parents to make sure there are no health concerns in raising your child. We also obtain financial information to make sure the adoptive family can provide for all of your child’s needs including a college education. We require that all of our families be committed Christians who will raise your child in a loving Christian home. The adoptive parents are required to attend training that discusses the difficult choice that you made. They learn to share the adoption story in the future by telling your child what a loving and unselfish choice you made. Please look at all of our waiting families below, click on their names to view their profiles.

Our waiting families are from both Indiana and Illinois. Please look below at our waiting families.