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Kyle & Heather, Waiting Family –

Kyle & Heather

Kyle and Heather have been married for nine years and have three daughters.

Birthmom Letter

We would like first to express to you how much we appreciate the effort you are going to in looking for parents to raise your child. It means so much to us that you are interested in adoption and we are thankful that you have taken the time to get to know us. As a couple, we have been open to adoption even before we were married. Through Kyle’s experiences with foster siblings and Heather’s as a pediatric nurse, we feel that God has been prompting us toward this. We have a desire to take in children whose parents are unable to raise them and nurture them, love them, and raise them as our own. 

Kyle and Heather met in 2008 while both of us were in college and were married in December of 2011. Two years later, God blessed us with our first daughter, Lena, followed by Elise and Evie. Kyle is a software developer with a master’s degree in information systems. He is a talented photographer and loves to take photos of his girls. He is thoughtful, creative, works hard, and loves weekend outings with his family. Heather is calm, flexible, optimistic, and enjoys being a stay at home mom, singing, playing the piano, reading, cooking, and being involved at the girl’s school. Jesus Christ is the most important reality in our lives. In all that we do we strive to glorify him. We love our church and are involved with church activities. 

We recognize the weight of the decision that you have to make as you choose a family to raise your baby. Know that we take this responsibility seriously and that we will strive to love your baby to the best of our ability, trusting that God will help us in this journey. We pray for you and your baby often, that God would give you wisdom and guide you in this decision and that He would bring us the right baby for our family in His time.

Kyle & Heather

About Kyle

AGE: 33

EDUCATION: Master’s Degree in Information Systems

OCCUPATION: Software Developer & Product Manager at John Deere

INTERESTS: Kyle enjoys photography, design, spending time with his wife and daughters, and cooking.

About Heather

AGE: 30

EDUCATION: Associate’s Degree in Nursing


INTERESTS: Heather enjoys singing, playing the piano, cooking, gardening, volunteering at the girl’s school, being with family and friends, and reading.


“I believe they will do the very best to provide for any child that is in their home and they also have parents who would give them great support in this position.”


“They are loving parents who are up for the challenge. They also have a good family and church structure around them to help and offer support.”


“Any children placed in Heather and Kyle’s care would be blessed to have them as parents.”