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Chris & Jerelyn, Waiting Family –

Chris & Jerelyn

Chris and Jerlyn have been married for nine years and currently have two children.

Birthmom Letter

Thank you for looking at our profile. Our heart goes out to you at this challenging time in your life. We know this may not be an easy decision for you, but we admire your courage and strength for considering adoption. We are grateful for you and your baby. We hope our family will be able to help you during this challenging time. You are an answer to our prayers.

We strive to have unity, love unconditionally, and serve one another in our marriage. Chris has a four-year college degree in engineering and Jerelyn has a four-year degree in children’s education. We’ve had some pregnancy complications, but by God’s grace we’ve been able to have two children. Chris is patient, calm, and very involved in our children’s lives. Jerelyn is fun-loving, compassionate, and faithfully parents our children day and night. We are blessed that Jerelyn is able to stay home with our children and be a wonderful homemaker. Asher is an energetic and helpful boy who loves to be around other children. Chloe is a sweet, outgoing girl who loves to laugh and get a laugh. Our Christian values shape who we are and what we do. We both had an interest in adoption before we were married and our desire to adopt children has grown stronger as we have grown together as a family.

We strongly value all people, especially you and your baby, which is why we desire to adopt. In our hearts, we hope to be able to help you. We would be glad to welcome your baby into our family and provide two loving parents who will commit to loving and supporting the baby for the rest of our lives. We commit to provide a caring, safe, and stable home where the baby can thrive. We promise to look out for the best interest of the baby, just as you are right now.

Chris & Jerelyn

About Chris

AGE: 35

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering


INTERESTS: Chris enjoys going on family walks or bike rides, going to parks, sledding or swimming.

About Jerelyn

AGE: 36

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education


INTERESTS: Jerelyn enjoys playing games, going on trips to zoos, children’s museums, national parks and local festivals.


“Their personal character is exemplary, and they have a close relationship with Christ. They would provide a stable and loving home where a child will have their emotional, physical and spiritual needs met.”


“They put others before themselves and are wise. They are honest dependable hardworking, and committed to Christ and others.”


“They desire to care for the fatherless and love the disenfranchised. Their child would be taught love and truth.”